Issues with TV show episodes

I’ve got an issue with an episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine S8 showing up.

The last episode is titled as The Last Day and should be two separate episodes but only one episode - S08E09 shows up. I can play the episode manually if I go via the file manager

Season 4 has similarly named episodes but they show up as (1), (2) and (3).

I’ve named the episdes (below) according to the Kodi wiki (and have checked TVDB, too)

There are at least two, if not three, different versions of the TVDB scraper. It would helpful to know which one you have installed. It would also be good to confirm that you are, in fact, using one of the TVDB scrapers. The default scraper for Kodi 19 and newer is the TMDB TV Show scraper, so unless you installed another scraper, that’s what you’re using. And I see on site that season 8 of Brooklyn Nine-Nine says it only has 9 episodes, so that site must be assuming that The Last Day is a single one hour long episode.

Some of these would be easy to see if you posted logs.

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TVDB lists 10 episodes here -

I’m using TMDB v1.4.19. I can generate a log and go from there

Because TMDB, which your using as your scraper has episode 9 and 10 listed as a single long episode there isn’t just a simple file naming solution you can use. It would be a [title] - part 1.ext and [title] - part 2.ext to have Kodi automatically join them if it were a movie, but there is no identical function for episodes. Sometimes there is an alternative listing on TMDB with an episode group you can utilize but in this case there is no listing currently for them to be separate.

This leaves two options that don’t involve modifying files. The easier of the two would be to browse to the top level folder for the show in file view and context menu over that and do a “change content” where you would switch the scraper for that show over to one of the TVDB scrapers since they have the listing your looking for there. If you don’t currently have any TVDB scrapers installed I think there is a ‘get more’ button in that screen. You will need to select yes when it asks if you want to re-scrape that folder. The other option would be to use an nfo file to manually force the listing. This is easiest done with a media file manager. This is a great option if you have a lot of these kinds of issues, or just like to do custom things with your listings. This is probably not worth the effort and learning curve for something that may just be a one-off situation.

That was it - thank you. I downloaded one of the TVDB scrapers and refreshed the library and it picked it up

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