Issues with WD My Passport portable hard drive

Hi there,

I have a Vero 4K+ and a Powered USB Hub. When I use my WD My Passport hard drive, it often makes a clicking noise and basically doesn’t work (can browse folders, but very slowly, can’t start playing a video though). I can use the drive without issue when connected to my laptop.

This is the third WD My Passport drive that has had this problem. Meanwhile an older WD Elements drive is working without issue. So I assume it’s probably not an issue with power in the hub.

Am I missing anything in assuming WD My Passport drives just don’t work well with the Vero 4K+ (or maybe the hub)? If so, could anyone recommend a reliable portable USB drive, or should I switch to powered USB drives and stop using the hub?

I would suspect the power supply for the hub, if not the hub itself is limiting the current to the drive and causing the issues. Although you will have the least amount of issues, and normally, the greatest lifespan from self powered 3.5" external USB drives, if you already have Passports the cost to replace a PSU or hub is much lower than purchasing new drives.

The clicking noise normally means you the drive doesn’t have enough power to spin. I had the same issue with the powered USB hub I bought together with my Vero 4K+ with a 4TB WD drive attached to it. After getting another USB-hub the issue went away.
I also believe that a portable 4TB drive needs more power to spin than a 1TB one. So it is possible than 1 drive might work while the other doesn’t.
As darwindesign says: get a self powered drive. I recently bought an extra 8TB drive for around 110 euro.
I now have two 8TB external powered drives + one 4TB portable drive all attached to a powered usb-hub connected to the Vero. Works like a charm.

Thanks both that makes sense. The drives did click if I ever forgot to turn on the hub, so seems like the right answer, and the passport is double the size of the elements drive.

@bezulsqy if you happen to know can you let me know the hub you got? May save me getting one that doesn’t supply enough power.


I got this one:

but I am sure a lot of cheaper ones also will do.

Thanks, that looks identical to the one I was looking to buy (except rebranded).

Hi @bezulsqy, thanks again, new hub arrived yesterday and now the HDD works

Good to hear!

i am having this issue and suspect the hub i bought is not good enough for the 4 large drives i have, i tried you link but it no longer works with amazon, can you please let me know what hub you bought as i have spent quite a bit of time looking and still not convinced on which to buy.

I bought this one:

Didn’t remember it being that expensive though. I believe most similar usb-hubs on amazon should do the trick. However I have not tested it with 4 portable HDDs.

The last 6 months it is working perfectly with 1 5TB portable HDD and 2 8TB HDD with their own power source connected to it.

great and thanks for the quick responce

I think it’s the same, just different branding, but this is the one I bought:

I’m using it with two drives that aren’t powered (2.5 inch). 1TB and 2TB.