Issues writing to HFS hard drive from Mac

I run OSMC on Raspberry Pi 2nd generation, and have an external hard drive connected to it. The hard drive is formatted to HFS+, journalling deactivated. I access this drive via SMB from my MacBook. I have the HFS utilities installed on my Pi.

I have been able to write to the drive from my MacBook. However most of the time when trying to write, my Macbook first asks for Mac admin password:

(“Finder would like to make changes…”)
, and then an error message is given:

(“The action could not be completed because you do not have the required access rights for some objects”).

Right now the only thing that fixes this issue SOMETIMES is to eject the SMB drives, remove password from Keychain, and re-add the SMB drives.

I did not have this issue back when the drive was exFAT formatted.

Any hints how I can fix this? Logs:


Hi, I have absolut not a clue about Apple products but the log clearly states

Sep 26 16:41:16 osmc kernel: hfsplus: Filesystem was not cleanly unmounted, running fsck.hfsplus is recommended.  mounting read-only.

So what about to repair/clean this file system?

Thanks. Unfortunately this does not really help. I can run fsck.hfsplus, then reboot, and it works for a while. Only for a while though.
The error keeps occurring. The disk does NOT have any errors on it, btw.
Is there a way to avoid this mounting read-only in OSMC?

Well if you connect the drive mainly to OSMC and access it from other systems via smb best would be to use a more native file system for it on OSMC

Thank you, fzinken. Unfortunately, other file systems are not an option, I am limited to HFS+ for this drive.

So, how do you eject/unmount this hdd? Simply tear out the usb cable or the Pi’s power cable?

Yes, unplug the drive. That has not been a problem with other file formats.
My assumption is howevr, that the issue comes up when OSMC/the Pi crashes and reboots…

What is the recommended way of unmounting/ejecting?

HFS+ on Linux is a mess and always will be.
The only fix is an annoying:

sudo mount -o remount,rw /dev/sda1

In theory if you eject via Kodi it’s OK, but there are still times when the volume gets marked as dirty and mounted as RO.