It is possible to install webtorrent?

Good evening, recently I found webtorrent ( and is amazing!!! . Allows cast of torrent files or video / music to different devices ( including OSMC ) . To do this , I use the webtorrent version on a PC , this forces me to keep both powered devices (PC + RPI2 ) . Then , the query would be possible to install webtorrent in OSMC to perform from OSMC ? . I managed to install Node.js and cli webtorrent , but I could not make it work.
From already thank you very much .

WebTorrent is a streaming torrent client for the web browser and the desktop.

OSMC currently has no implemented browser or desktop environment so probably not.

Hello actionA , that’s right , but this client has a console version . In this LINK they have executed in Raspbian , but even attempt the steps yet to get it to work .
Thank you very much.

You know that there are already existing solutions available for streaming content by torrents from within Kodi right? I don’t understand how requiring use of a cli/console control component makes this better than them.

We’re talking about Addons ? If so, if I know.

But the particularity of this client is that it allows CAST to other devices (AppleTV, Chomecast , KODI , etc.). That has earned my interest , but can not get it to work.

I suggest you seek support from the app developer then.