It's 2020 and I didnt realize Apple TV 1 were running Netflix in 2017

Hello everyone!

I have this Apple TV 1st generation that was in my closet for a long time.
I did some experiments with it in the past, bought the Crystal HD card and all but ended shelving it because of lack of time…
However, here I am seven years later and recently I was searching the web for a streamer option and found that in the beginning of 2017, OSMC released an Apple TV 1 image which supported the Crystal HD and Netflix.
The early 2017 release of OSMC offered Kodi 17 and I found that it isn’t possible to install the Netflix plugin anymore in this KODI release as the Alelec repository isn’t working anymore.
I know that there’s an option for the KODI 18 and that latest release of 2017 OSMC runs KODI 18, so my guess is this will work on Apple TV 1 if I install the latest 2017 release.

However, I have some questions… :stuck_out_tongue:

Does the Netflix plugin for KODI 17 uses CrystalHD decoding? I runs smooth?
Do the performance of Netflix plugin on KODI 18 without CrystalHD is acceptable?

Does anyone have an Apple TV 1 running earlier 2017 OSMC with Netflix Plugin and CrystalHD working? If so, can you share the HDD image?

Found another topic saying that the performance of OSMC on Apple TV 1 is better when you increase the swap file. Does anyone tried this?

Thanks you all in advance for the help!!

Kind regards,


I have replied to your other post on the Kodi forums.