I've broken playback since switching to 4k

My new Panasonic 4k TV arrived today, so I’ve connected the Vero 4k+

The Vero is connected to my Denon AVR-X2200W and then into the TV. The Amp Supports 4k and TrueHD and Dolby Atmos etc.

It seems that the Vero is going to sleep, or at least turning off the display, as when I switch back to the Vero input on my Amp, the screen is just black and no amount of remote control pressing wakes it up.

I can connect to the kodi web backend, but can’t get any display until I power off the unit :frowning:

If I disconnect the TV HDMI from the Amp, I can then hear what OSMC is playing, but can’t get any display.

What do I need to do /configure to stop this happening?

Can you check Vero is up to date?
Make sure your resolution is set to 1080p; not 4K.


Hi Sam,
Under interface I’ve set OSMC to 4k, as if it’s set to 1080p, then the 4k Media only pays at 1080.

Is there another setting I’m missing? As i’d agree that there is no need for the menus to be in 4k as 90% of my media is 1080 or less.

Set it to 1080p and set adjust refreshrate to either start/stop or Always.

OK so I’ve set the resolution under Interface to 1080p
and Under Settings, Player I’ve set the Adjust Refresh Rate to Always.

I don’t have much 4k content at present, but it does seem to switch to 2160 for the titles that I do have.

However, this has a strange side effect on the colours of the menu system. It doesn’t seem to matter which skin i’m using, but it’s more noticeable on AeonNox5.

Basically, when I switch between the different screen resolutions, the menus change colour slightly…

My outgoing Kodi system was pc based (at 1080p) and the menu was a grey colour as per this image below. So I don’t really know whats going on.


This is Vero vs my PC - both devices are on the Panasonic 4k TV. And I’ve switched both between 1080 and 2160.

This image perhaps shows the browning of the greys better…

Is this a Kodi/OSMC feature?

You may have different colour settings for different resolutions. Some TVs permit this.

Can you confirm Vero and PC are being connected to the same HDMI port? Sometimes TVs have different settings for the port being used or the label assigned to the port.

What happens if you take the AVR out of the chain?

Yeah - they are all going via the Amp to connected to HDMI 2 of the TV.

I’ll see if there are any Panasonic specific settings

The idea was - can you try vero and PC in the same input sockets in the AVR.

Thanks Graham - that’s it. The Amp must be doing something with the signal, depending on what HDMI socket is being used!

So as a final question, if I have the Vero set to 1080p, is there a way to have is display my photos at 4k without manually changing it in System, Settings?

I don’t think so. There’s been much discussion about this in here and on the kodi forum. IIRC even if you set the display to 4k, it will down- then up-sample photos.