January update broke sound

I seemed to suddenly have a 3D issue on my otherwise trusty Raspberry Pi2, so I ran the January update on it, which resulted in the audio from any video source now being output as nasty high pitched digital noise in stereo … 3D works again though, haha …

Any ideas, or anyone else getting this?

It sounds like you have passthrough enabled for a format that your receiver does not support. This can be adjusted under Settings -> Audio.

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I see your point, this being a Rpi2, but firstly my receiver supports everything, except IMAX Enhanced, including Atmos, and secondly, in this case even straight DTS 5.1 or AC3 Dolby 5.1 stopped working :frowning_face:

Some logs may give some clues here

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I’ll look into that as soon as possible. Thank you so far!