jDownloader2 server on OSMC and RPi3B+

Hi community

I have a question about installing jDownloader 2 server on OSMC (if it is possible)
Can someone advise me step by step (I’m not familiar with Linux) how to install and configure jDownloader server on my RPi3B+ and OSMC?

Thanks a lot for any advice and help.

From a quick glance on the jDownloader site, they only supply a X86 install script. To run on a Pi you need an ARM installer. You should contact the developers of jDownloader for more help.

Isn’t Jdownloader java based?
It should run; but without a GUI

Yes it is Java based.
I just want to have server. The GUI I can connect via external app (I suppose from Android app?)
But can someone help me how to go through it?

You will probably get better support from their forums since they will be much more familiar with it than we are.

Have you actually tried to install it using their install script?

I thought jdownloader and the community around it died when they arrested the fat german guy that run megaupload. Guess I was wrong

Use pyLoad. It’s like JDownloader but made in python. IOS and Android apps are also available to remote control.



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