Jellyfin optimizing artwork for OSMC/KODI

I’m running Jellyfin on our main server with a lot of users on the jellyfin interface. All metadata and artwork is in place for around 5000 movies and ca 200 tv-shows.

My problem is that the Artwork and the actors is not as pretty on OSMC/KODI as it is in the jellyfin interface.

Anyone know of a plugin or a way of setting up the master OSMC box to gather this?

I use 1 master Vero 4k that syncs to a mariadb and the 44 other boxes have read only and that works very well. But still, I would like to optimize the artwork.

Any information is helpfull. Thanks!

Scaling of thumbnails in Kodi has been complained about for some time, but there is not really a simple resolution to it.

Have a look at the remainder of this thread to get a better idea

Thanks for your reply.

So basicly what you are saying is that I cannot expect that Kodi will give me the same sweet layot that jellyfin does?

I cannot expect Kodi to display all my 5000 movies with posters/thumbnails?


Sorry, but my initial reply was a misunderstanding of what it is exactly you are asking.

I have zero experience with jellyfin personally, but Kodi should not have problems displaying posters and thumbs for your media. Maybe showing a couple of screenshots of what you’d like to see vs what you are actually seeing could be useful.

You may be better served posing this question on the Kodi forums since OSMC has no bearing on this.

On a re-read of your initial post, this may be due to the fact that posters and thumbs are cached locally in Kodi and your read-only setup is not going to allow for that.

Which Jellyfin Addon are you using for the integration?
“Jellyfin for Kodi” which would give you a native Kodi feeling and should present your 5000 movies after you scrapped them into the Kodi Database.

“JellyCon” which would not bring you the movies into the Kodi Structure but would just use the OSMC Box to access Jellyfin like a streaming service (Youtube, Netflix,…).

You wrote

Using a central MySQL DB is not supported with the Jellyfin for Kodi Addon you would need to use local SQLite Databases as Jellyfin is already replacing the function of the central MySQL DB.

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