Jerky video with Digiberryi Digi


I have a Raspberry Pi with Hifiberry Digi Module running latest OSMC. It works very well and It can play perfectly almost all video files I have. But I have problems with some video files that have an audio track sampled at 24 KHz.

Those files are played smoothly using HDMI audio. The problem arises when using Hifiberry Digi output. Using Hifiberry Digi I can play smoothly only if I disable Hardware acceleration, but then I can’t play smoothly HD files.

Before upgrade to OSMC, I was running latest Raspbmc, and the behavior was different. It worked well when i had a fixed frequency in Audio hardware settings. If i had choose “Optimized” then the file also plays smoothly but at a “fast forward” speed and with high pitched sound (very noticeably)

According to /proc/asound/card0/pcm0p/sub0/hw_params the device is using 32KHz when playing back these files. Same with old raspbmc and new OSMC.

The files itself are 560x400, XVID, 25fps for video and 24KHz, 56Kb/s MP3 for audio. I never had problem with these files in the past. The played well on every device I tryed to with.

The kodi log generated when playing this files is at:

I tryed almost all possible combinations at settings screen, but could not find a solucion.

Any idea?

Thank you and regards.