Jittering movements on some H.265 streams on DVB-T2

@sam_nazarko it’s back. Today i tried live tv channels which made these problems and jittering is back. I´ve uploaded short clip.

I am on latest kernel.


Here is the log file

What version did it work well on before?


But i tested it shortly. Hope it helps.

You can test the newer kernel shortly

Did you try play recorded stream on your VERO??

I downloaded ‘TVJOJ.ts’.
I can check it for you tomorrow.

Thanks, it’s strange that Just a few cases were reported.

Any update? Did u try play that file??

Yes. Unfortunately I’m trying to fix another playback issue first as that will likely impact this file as well.



Please let me know if this isn’t fixed after the next 4.9 build.


OK Sam, in 4.9.113-20 the problem still persist. Will let you know next update, looking forward even for epg fix in kodi 18.7.

Kodi v18.7 should now be in the staging repo. Thanks for letting me know that the issue persists


I tried stretch-devel v18. 7 and the problem still persists. Here is log.
And even epg fix is still not fixed by kodi developers. After add channel to epg kodi crashed.

I would recommend checking this upstream with Kodi.

I will check this.

Hi, any news on this? They stoped DVB-T in our region and jittering on DVB-T2 stream still persist :frowning:

Have you updated to Buster and the new 4.9 repo? This has a significant number of improvements.

Hi, viz

It seems that 4.9. is not helpfull :frowning: Or @lancelot do you have any info about that.
@sam_nazarko I have all updates installed. Is there any walkthrough to update to Buster or if I have all updates then I have a Buster?

The first post in the 4.9 thread is updated with buster repository

hey @Bary I´ve tested with buster and latest 4.9 kernel and problem still persists. Now i think problem is not just in player but in tvheadend and signal strength. Reason for signal strength is cause of jittering is sometimes visible and sometimes is picture fine during same day. So maybe it is signal strength dependent.