JSON-CEC - No Power Off

Does anyone have an explanation of why i can’t turn off my TV using the JSON-CEC plugin?

I can turn it on no problem using “activate” but “Standby” and “Toggle” do nothing.

This works perfectly using LibreElec on other hardware so i can only assume it’s either OSMC or the Vero that’s not allowing it to work…

There’s no standby / suspend support at this time, but it’s coming.

There’s a difference between standbying the Vero 4K and turning off the external display however. Do you mean to just output no signal so the TV turns itself off?


The JSON-CEC addon for Kodi enables JSOn API for CEC control… at the moment i can point my browser at a URL (IP of the VERO 4K box) and turn on the TV… and it should do the same to turn off the TV… but it doesn’t work…

I’m just reading the GitHub fo rit and someone may have figured it out though…

Unfortunately the files it is referring to, i cannot find on my Vero 4k :’(

@sam_nazarko are you able to help at all with this?

I’ve edited /usr/share/kodi/system/peripherals.xml to see if that makes any difference… wont be able to tell until i get home though


Initial tests (admittedly only utilising cec-client to check the power status of the TV) suggest that this may have worked…

Is this something that can be modified on your end?

The current value of “213” i believe means that there is no device to turn off… whereas changing it to “36037” refers to the TV…

I’m pretty sure all of these CEC settings can be configured under Settings → Input → Peripherals.

We do change some of the default behaviour to stop annoyances like setting the active source automatically

hi @sam_nazarko looks like you’re right and it does fix the problem… mostly… however the power off only works if the source on the TV is set to OSMC… any ideas on if that can be fixed?

Your TV probably de-asserts when OSMC is not the active source.
Force ‘HPD Lock’ in Settings -> Display might help with this.