Judder or frame drops on 25hz

Hi all.
Have a Rpi connected to a Samsung Tv, wich is capable or display all the refresh rates available.
Playing 24p content is smooth as expected always.
But playing content with native 25 hz is always causing judder or frame drops.
I have tried with all the options regarded to sync or adapt the display´s refresh rate to match the played content, but the result is always the same.
By default, i have 1920x1080@60hz for general resolution, with the correspondant option enabled in order to change the display rate to match the native content.
If i play 24p shows or movies, the display changes automatically to 24hz, and is all ok and smooth.
But if i play 25hz shows, the display shows 50hz, and the frame drop beggins, every 15 seconds or so.
Don´t understand why the system is sending 50hz rate if my tv is capable to sync to 25hz, but even if i force the refresh rate to stay to 25hz, and disable the sync refresh option, then yes, the content is played at 25hz and the tv info shows is playing 1080@25hz, but the judder is still there, wich i dont understand.

I have done all the tests and options wich i´m capable to think of, but cant find the key.
Tried both mmal and omx players, same result.
Tried enable/disable vertical sync, same result.
Tried enable/disable Adjust display refresh rate to match video, same result.
Sync playback to display option, as i´ve read, has nothing to do if passthrough is enabled (wich is my case), but i´ve tried also in combination with Adjust display refresh rate, same result.

I hope anyone have some point on this problem.
Thanks in advance.

PS: here´s my last log, in case it may help.

Try to set monitor refresh to video framerate in video options.

I just startet with OSMC again yesterday, after being busy for the past months with moving and working abroad.

I don’t know if i encountered the same issue as you since i never thought about the 24p etc - all my movies seemed to have som stuttering in them.

I found out i had activated gamemode on my samsung TV (temporarily connected my pi to my Ps4’s hdmi cable), that was causing the issue. After i disabled gamemode on my TV, my files played great again.

Could this be the issue for you?

I´ve tried all that options, as i´ve said on the original post.

That´s not my case.
And i suggest you get rid of that game mode forever, it´s a total mess.
Thanks for the tip anyway.

Can you try with a Krypton build?
There have been improvements to videoplayer (using mmal) to frame rate sync code.

Hmmm… Not an option right now. Don´t have any other sd card to try and don´t wanna mess with the one i´m using on the Pi.
At this time i was more interested on what can be the cause of the issue or if we can figure some kind of fix.
Thanks for the suggest.