Juddering video playback after February update

After the latest update video playback (.mp4; .mpg) is juddering. The failure repeats every 5 seconds. Looks like a frame is dropped. It’s not caused by video material because playback is without failure when streaming from Diskstation with VLC on PC directly. log-file is uploaded here: http://paste.osmc.io/ineyopehuv.
Thank you for support.

Does enabling omxplayer in video/acceleration settings help?
Can you provide a sample that shows the problem?

Enabling didn’t help. How to provide a sample?
Updated log-file: http://paste.osmc.io/rigikevazu

I was able to solve the Problem: Go to “Settings” -> “Videos Settings” -> “Playback” -> switch off “Sync Playback to Display”.
Playback now runs as perfect as before.

Do you have “adjust refresh rate to match video” enabled ?

It is disabled.

Have you tried enabling it ? (And make sure you are set to 1080p or it won’t actually do anything)

If you don’t use this feature the refresh rate of the TV will not match the source material most of the time (for example 50 or 60Hz refresh rate on the TV for a 23.976Hz Movie) so some judder is inevitable.

You will only get perfectly smooth playback if this is enabled so Kodi can automatically switch your TV to the refresh rate of the source material.