July update on rpi 2 = no boot

Just updated from June to July OSMC and my rpi2 just hangs on boot with no activity. Black screen. No ssh. Never had this problem in 6+ months of running OSMC on this box.

Somebody posted a similar issue a couple of days ago and the thread is locked, so I’m quoting below:

I was noticed that there is a new update (previously running June update), installed it and rebooted - black screen. Rpi2 not even starting to boot.

So I took out the sd card, downloaded osmc-installer, re-formatted the card and installed the latest OSMC again. Fired up the Rpi2 again, waited for the install to finish and on the next boot black screen again.

Well this pretty much sounds like a broken SD card or power supply issue.
Can you still login via SSH, or did you not come up to the point where you enable SSH? If you can still login with SSH upload logs with grab-logs -A

SSH does not start, and nothing appears on the display. LEDs indicate power but no activity.

The part of my post that you quoted was actually me citing someone else’s post (https://discourse.osmc.tv/t/osmc-july-update-completely-broken-for-me/18182). That person went on to say that they tried multiple SD cards and a different power supply, none of which would work.

I don’t have any spare hardware, so I plan to restore from my last backup and see if that boots.

I decided to try installing from scratch using the OS X installer (latest image), and that worked fine. Followed with an apt-get dist-upgrade after that, rebooted, still working fine. So, something in my existing system just didn’t like the July update.