July update stuck half-way

Just updated with

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

and now it seems stuck half way through the update:

  • Kodi compilation date says “Aug 4 2015”
  • The “Update Available” badge is still present.

Also, the mouse cursor is visible and movable although mouse support has been switched off.

If you’ve updated by command line, MyOSMC will always report an update available until either reboot (i think this may solve it, not certain) or MyOSMC has attempted to check for updates and found none pending.

I’ve rebooted twice and manually checked for updates through MyOSMC.

Then provide logs.

Rebooting will not remove the update notification but doing a manual update check in My OSMC and allowing it to run to completion where it says no updates found will remove the icon.

Seems like Kodi got upgraded but kernel did not. Had to re-run the upgrade and it completed this time. After that all kinds of weird bugs started to appear so I had to reflash the SD card and redo it. Fine after that.