Jump Forward causing crashes

Hi. I have several 4K films which play perfectly and can be fast forwarded without problem but trying to jump forward produces the sad face and a reboot on my Vero4K. This action is very repeatable. (I’m using CEC via a Samsung remote to control the Vero and the jumps seem an odd 4 and a half mins - maybe that’s normal?) I’d imagined that FF would be more demanding than skipping but maybe I have other problems. My media is mounted as fstab based NFS share mounts and I’ve included a log, although typically this time it allowed several skips before the crash rather than the normal 1 press and it’s dead.
(I’m secretly hoping this is a limitation of the 4K’s network port then an upgrade to a 4k+ is obviously necessary :smiley:)

These files probably contain TrueHD tracks. This is a known issue with Kodi presently unfortunately.


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Ah - they do indeed. Thanks for that info (although you could have fibbed a little - I now have to manufacture a different reason for the upgrade!)