June update has resulted in stuttering of all videos

Was pleased to find the June update downloaded successfully after last months May update refused to download at all and required a reinstalling for USB.

Unfortunately i found the June update has resulted in heavy stuttering on all video’s.

All my videos are stored on a Synology NAS and have never had a problem with stuttering before this update.

Judging by other similar posts on here the problem is probably related.

Have uploaded logs if they are of use in identifying the common problem with the June update.


But in the mean time have reinstalled the May software with a backup so other household members can use the Vero as intended.

Related to which posts? Do you have another post regarding this problem?



Problems seemed very similar to the below two posts experiencing stuttering after the June update

Did you try the advice reported there?



I have no idea how to perform iperf tests and and not comfortable working in the command line.

My network setup has worked fine with the Vero4k for over a year of owning it and now Ive reinstalled a backup of the May OSMC all files play fine again - it seems fairly evident that its a problem with the June update?

Can you check for updates again, reboot and see if this helps?

There haven’t really been reports of issues with the June update, with the exception of one user who was using an external Ethernet adapter via USB.

Hi Sam, I experience the same issues with buffering while playing 4k material on the vero4k from the NAS.
All mounted with autofs/nfs.
There was no issue before the update.

2019-06-23 19:30:21.838 T:4069339136  NOTICE: Display resolution ADJUST : 3840x2160 @ 23.98 - Full Screen (34) (weight: -0.000)
2019-06-23 19:30:31.779 T:3189347040  NOTICE: CVideoPlayerAudio::Process - stream stalled pts:1310.792 clock:1311.748
2019-06-23 19:30:34.952 T:3122914016 WARNING: CRenderManager::WaitForBuffer - timeout waiting for buffer
2019-06-23 19:32:17.655 T:3189347040 WARNING: Previous line repeats 835 times.

debug logs: https://paste.osmc.tv/vukifaziru

@sam_nazarko one of the recent SACK kernel fixes introduced a regression - not sure if this could be related, but linux kernel have been rereleased with the fix for it:

commit b6653b3629e5 (“tcp: refine memory limit test in tcp_fragment()”)


We probably need this fix (not sure if related to this specific issue here though).

Interesting. For now I’m just using sysfs to mitigate instead of kernel patches


So it’s not a flawed SACK fix, but rather a possible consequence of the workarounds.

There was a bit of a rush to get these fixes in for the update. I’ll take a look at implementing them in the kernel instead.

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Ive re done the update this morning to the June software and all is working fine this time.