June update has reverted to an older MySQL NAS library

Just installed the June update and the library I’m seeing reflected seems to be from maybe 2 months ago. Library is shared across several devices from NAS using MySQL config in My OSMC. If there’s been a library update with the June release it appears to have not picked up the current library version as the basis? Could Sam on someone in OSMCville double check this please?

Thank you muchly.

Further to this, an initial visual inspection suggests older database xxx116 was picked up and converted to xxx121 rather than the currently in use xxx119. …if I understand what happens correctly…

Haven’t had other reports of this.

I suggest posting a Kodi log which may show migration.

Hi Sam,

Couldn’t see anything relevant in the log, however in the meantime I’d delete the 121 version of the database. rebooted and this time got the migrating database splash screen and the library seems well again. Something wierd obviously happened in installing the update. I have however lost the “play” option in the OSMC Skin. Everything else looks OK, I just can’t play anything without switching back to Estuary. Reset skin and menu to defaults has made no difference, and I’m reluctant to flatten the box completely. Any idea how to get the default actions (specifically play) back in the OSMC Skin please?

I believe this is a known bug and fixed in staging.

@Chillbo can confirm

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Kodi tries opening the database corresponding to it current version and if it doesn’t find that it starts looking for older versions in order. Once it finds one it will then attempt to convert it to current. This is how it has always worked. I don’t think there is a bug here. Perhaps your SQL server was slow to respond on this particular boot and it didn’t connect until after it had already tried and failed with 121 and 119. In any event it looks like you had already found the solution which is to just drop the newest database and let it have another go.

I can confirm since I’m the one who figured that one out :grin:

And even figured out a remote mapping that allows you to use the play button on a remote in this screen.

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Thanks both. I’ve lived with Estuary long enough that I can live with dropping back to that until the fix works it’s way through to the standard release. Thanks for the clarity Sam; as you say, that’s what must have happened with the databases though I strongly suspect the glitch was on the vero end. Providing it’s working again I’m a happy punter.