Just bought one

Hi all… on saturday my new Vero 4k arrived…I bought one so i can watch movies on my fussy tv off a ext HD without having audio formats not working…

Well i unpacked The little thing got it plugged in and got it updated from the Wifi.

Then i plugged the Ext HD into it and chucked movie after movie at it to see how things went
It played all with ease and i cannot fault this lovely bit of kit…

But im posting on here owing to what my son said to me…
He said i can watch the F1 on this gadget live…?
How the hell do i do that i ask…ive had a read on the how to part but it all seems some what daunting to me…So can someone give me some tips for a newbie to all of this… TIA


Glad you’re enjoying the device.

There might be some add-ons which are able to provide this but we’re not able to provide support or recommendations for these. As OSMC uses Kodi you may find better advice on other Kodi websites.

I’m not sure if there are any legal add-ons which will allow you to view F1 content without a subscription however.


Hi there sam thanks for your reply…i fully understand what you are saying.yes i love the little thing so powerful for such a small box.