Just one show will not show in OSMC interface

I have numerous movies and shows in my external database (I’m using two installs, one on a Pi and one on Vero) PHP (on Synology), also using SMB shares off the Synology as well. One show is indexed and categorized but does not show in the interface. Now I’ve had this issue with a movie before and had to find the correct year/name/article.

Usually I can put Name, The in a folder and apparently this movie really wanted to be “The Movie Name”, but then it indexed.

I have tried to delete this show and name it numerous times. In fact using the extension (US), or moving “The” or just not using “The” and in fact tries all at once to see which was indexed.

To my surprise it was indexed and shows in the database but just does not display in the interface. I am looking for help of some tricks to use in which I can force this movie to show so I don’t always have to manually access it via file share directly.

What is the foldername/filename.ext and exactly which movie? Also which scraper are you using and what language do you have set in scraper settings.

The share is smb://user:password@x.x.x.x/shows

An example folder/file combination in this would would be:
Simpsons, The\The Simpsons S30E11.mkv

Scraper is “The Movie Database” and it set to preferred language “en” undersettings, unmodified from default as I recall.

You mentioned movie, my issue here is a show, but in the past it was a movie, particularly “The Art of Racing in the Rain” that just would refuse to index. I tried “Art of Racing in the Rain” and “The Art of Racing in the Rain” with various combinations using or not using the year. I do not recall which finally was actually picked up.

Anyway, that odd issue from over a year ago just reminded me of this issue other issue which continued to persist. No combination of naming modifications have resolved this one.

Are you using a MySQL db? If so I would guess it is the too much artwork issue for the Simpsons.

As for the previous movie issue I doubt it is related and it would be pointless to try to guess what happened since we don’t have a situation that can be reproduced. As a general rule though if you have an issue it is best to just go to the scrapers website and use the exact title they are using. If there is still a problem then just use a parsing nfo.

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Yes, I believe that is it. I have updated my field length for c06 to LONGTEXT and it appears to be working fine now. I tried MEDIUMTEXT initially but that did not work, of course LONGTEXT didn’t right away either. After a few clean, reboot, and updates it now shows the shows as intended/expected.

Thank you!

Just an FYI that with the new Python based TMDb TV show scraper (which should hopefully be in the repos for Kodi Leia and Matrix soon), we “fixed” that issue by capping the number of artwork references we keep. It’s a total of 350 images across all types/seasons/episodes, so for a vast majority of shows you’ll still get everything. And for something like the Simpsons, the script does a proportionate cut, so if 50% of the art is fanart, 50% of the cut comes from there (and nothing gets cut below 5 images). You should still get all the most popular images, but if you just desperately want that one image that nobody else ever liked, you might have to download it manually.

The Python TMDb scraper won’t be the default for Leia, but you will be able to install it and then update your sources.


I’m pretty sure mediumtext would have been fine as well. That change is only going to affect any new entries so to fix the bad scrape one would go to videos>files>[path]> then “info” over the show folder that is messed up, then click “refresh”.

If the show went really bonkers and you can’t bring up the info screen then navigate to the same place and context menu, change content, set scraper as “none”, OK, yes to remove from library. You can then context menu, set content, then setup the scraper again.