Keep list view active for Video Add-Ons


quick question on the GUI Part of OSMC:
When I am in a video addon (German Public channels ZDF, ARD, etc. is what I use mostly) I ALWAYS have to set the view mode to list, because it is always set to wide tiles or something I don’t like. Sometimes even after flipping to the next page I have to reset the view settings.
Is there a way to keep the list view always there?

Thanks for your support,


I believe this is going to be dependent on the addon.


I had the same problem, it’s in the video-plugin ZDF Mediathek

In userdata/addon_data/

<setting id="forceViewMode" value="false"/> <setting id="useThumbAsFanart" value="false"/>

Then browse true the plugin and in the left screen from Confluence you choose the option “list” a few times on a few places. That will do the trick.


thanks for the help. I put the code in, but didn’t get to try it yet. Will give feedback when I have tried it.