Kernal panic after reboot, fresh install and after update

Hi again,

First topic here.

Now I have updated osmc to the latest version everything crashed again.

I will post some pictures taken of the tv, hope that it is enough.

This is directly after reboot from osmc.

At last the kernal panic when I restart the pi.

It seems that the kernal panic comes anyway, tried a fresh install the error comes directly after osmc is installed and when rebooting.

Based on the above and the comments in your original thread (particularly that you see the same issue in Xbian and Openelec) I think you have a hardware problem.

You say you’re using an external “powered” hub - what do you mean exactly ?

Do you mean you have a USB hub with a power adaptor of it’s own connected to the Pi, and then a self (usb) powered hard drive is connected to the hub and drawing power from the hub’s power adaptor ? Or does the hard drive itself have a power adaptor ?

Have you tried a different USB hub ? A different USB cable between the hub and the hard drive ? (Maybe the drive is not getting enough power) Have you tried a different USB hard drive ?

What is the power rating of the adaptor for your Pi 2 ? If it’s a 2 amps you might get away with running the hard drive directly from the USB port of the Pi 2 after you enable max_usb_current in Pi settings and reboot. (This allows the USB ports to provide additional power, if your power adaptor is capable enough)

Unfortunately I think you’re going to have to experiment with variations on your hardware configuration to find what the cause is, but I doubt it is a software issue.

By external usb hub I mean with external power for the USB HUB only. The hdd has no power of its own.

The power adapter is 2.1 amps, so I will try that. But as you point out, as I see the same problem with other dists maybe something is wrong with my Pi2. I will experiment a little, but as a state in the other thread, the kernal panic comes even if I don’t plug in the external harddrive so the hub does not matter. I just thought that in the beginning…

@DBMandrake After going through 5 different sd cards, it seems like I finally have gotten it to work. The first two I tried was the following SD card → Samsung MicroSDHC 8GB Class 6.

The one I finally got to work is from transcend, and comes from an xperia phone. No idea what class it is, but the size is 8 gb.

Is the Pi 2 known for having issues with SD card or can one really be so unlucky to get so many corrupt cards? :open_mouth:

I’ve not heard of any SD card compatibility issues with the Pi 2. Are you sure the SD card socket isn’t damaged ?

I’ve heard of one Pi 2 (belonging to one of the osmc devs) that arrived with a faulty SD card socket that wouldn’t latch properly.

For what I can see and feel it latches on properly, and the sd card I have in the PI 2 still works.

As soon as I connect one of the other 4 it does not work anymore, really really strange… :open_mouth: