Kernel 4.1 introduce native encryption for ext4 , add CONFIG_EXT4_ENCRYPTION option in next compilation


kernel introduced native encryption for the ext4 filesystem, could somebody add this option in next OSMC image, i should like use this in my raspberrypi2.

I can see this option disabled in my current kernel version:

root@osmc:/mnt/seagate/vault# grep CONFIG_EXT4_ENCRYPTION !$
grep CONFIG_EXT4_ENCRYPTION /boot/config-4.3.0-9-osmc
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Really simple question, why ?

owncloud is a service to share files and I use it for sync my devices

I use owncloud with encriptation plugin enabled but I think it’s better use native encriptation in filesystem instead of the encriptation plugin in owncloud.

ill forward it to @sam_nazarko see if he wants to include it

sure! :smile: thank you!


Today i updated to new kernel version! :grinning:
I can see the option has not been set :relieved:

# grep CONFIG_EXT4_ENCRYPTION /boot/config-4.3.0-10-osmc


I will include it in OSMC’s December update. The last kernel update was due to changes in the initramfs.


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Nice! Cool!
Thank you Sam and congratulations for this Linux distribution , I played with many others and I think this is a very good choice, a very good job guys! :grinning:

This has now been included.


Thank you everybody, it has been so fast! Just for know, this minor version will be released on 30 december, won’t be?

It will be released when it’s ready, however you can always upgrade now via the staging channel

Thank you Sam!

How can I use staging channel?

I looked for some documentation without lucky in

Moreover, I tryied modify source url in file /etc/apt/sources.list using instead of, but I think it doesn’t work fine becasue don’t install anything after do

apt-get update; apt-get upgrade ; apt-get dist-upgrade.

You need to change to jessie-devel. Keep in mind this will give you completely untested builds, including Kodi Jarvis, so you may wish to wait.