Kernel Driver for Steam Controller


Here is a feature request for OSMC to support the steam controller since Retroplayer is around the corner

or the python way

either way im good :slight_smile:


any thoughts on this from any dev ?

I too am a huge fan of the steam controller

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I have used my Steam Controller to play Pandora on my Debian installation to my Pine64 SBC. Got the driver from GitHub. That used the proprietary dongle and I was even able to bring up the on-screen keyboard. It would make an excellent remote for OSMC. Seems like, if it’s not already out there as a plugin, we’d have to be pretty close to getting one.

I’ve added support for this controller in the next RBP kernel.
It will need some testing.


Will test for you just hit me up and remind me when the update is on dev

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Building now.

neat will try after work :slight_smile: ending my day at work after 19 so will feedback later on tonight, been meaning to try some more roms

I’m also very interested on getting my Steam Controller working on OSMC, is there a way I can help test this? Where do I find the new kernel to test it?

What device are you running OSMC on?

Also willing to test. Running OSMC on a Pi 3b+

didnt pan out for both me and sam tested it and they arent working.

There is a Python driver out there. As I’ve posted before, I’ve used it on another SBC but I’m hearing they can be an overhead hog. MIght just try it out anyways though…

For what it’s worth, this is the python SC driver I messed with before, but I think it will need a desktop. Could probably get it to work in OSMC, but much cleaner if it was simply selectable as a game controller in KODI.

Well, after updating OSMC today, it appears my Steam Controller was recognized natively. Was able to get it configured as a default (xbox type) controller. Took a bit of doing as the Steam Controller has more inputs than the xbox one does but got it working nonetheless. All that remains now is an addon the recognizes it specifically I guess.

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Hi, could you let me know how you got he Xbox controller option please? I went into Settings Inputs, then Controllers and to Get More… but I could not see an Xbox controller in there…

I am on Vero 4K with latest update

this has nothing to do with the kernel driver please open a thread on kodi forums instead