Kernel Headers, where and how

Can’t compile modules without kernel headers…
Need to compile module since the shipped rtl8192cu drivers dont support master mode.
Where and how do i get them?

lurking in IRC for a few days paid off:

in my case (RPi2) i could get them via

apt-get install rbp2-headers-3.18.9-5-osmc

in case someone is reading this when he is trying to download them, you should

uname -r

first, to find out which version you should get… or

apt-cache search osmc | grep headers

could help you find what you are looking for i guess… without knowing the naming convention here it was not that easy to get to this point ^^

addon from sam:

[23:39] <@sam_nazarko> Always get the latest headers:
[23:39] <@sam_nazarko> for x in "$@"; do case "$x" in osmcdev=*) apt-get install -y "${x#osmcdev=}-headers-$(uname -r)"; ;; esac; done