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Just wondering what happened to this info:

Wiki - OSMC

I was trying to reinstall my tuner again on a fresh install on a Pi3 as per previous thread : Tevii DVB-S2 662 and get errors like
version 4.4.3-3-osmc not supported when trying to install the drivers.

Whats up with that?
Am i doing something wrong or has something changed about the way osmc works now. I realise the info in the thread i am working off was a work around at the time.

For interested parties -

Answer is here : Compile Kernel on RPI2 from RBP2-sources-osmc - #2 by DBMandrake?

Thanks DBMandrake

reason why i was looking was you need this currently when installing TV tuners - i see a many person seeking advice for this topic on here on disparate threads.