Key Press Repeat Crazy

Thanks Sam. After updating to the latest OSMC patch a couple of weeks ago all seemed better for a day, but it’s back again. RF dongle is in black and not white port.
The Vero is not in any different position to where it’s been since I bought it 2 or 3 years ago. I’ve just tried it in a different room, connected to a different screen (Dell monitor rather than Yamaha receiver) and see the same keypress craziness. It seems to occur most when the press is two or three times it like to then repeat in an indefinete loop. For example, when trying to skip 10s ahead in a video it then jumps to subtitle offset.
Is there anything else I can try?
Would a full reset of the device probably fix it? if so where will I find the instructions and is there a way I can export the kodi library data and reimport it so I at least have a track of what’s been watched?

You can reinstall from the Download page, but I’d be surprised if this made a difference


I’m unsure if it helps but:
i) This problem doesn’t exhibit when controlling remotely via phone app (Kodi Remote) with up/down controls
ii) When it starts to repeat it cannot be stopped/reversed/interrupted by the phone app, only the vero 4k remote
iii) removing the battery from the vero rf remote doesn’t stop the repeat. Only pressing another button on the remote stops it

Any more thoughts on how this can be diagnosed or fixed? Driving me crazy!

Are you able to install the older version (2020.11-1) and see if the issue occurs?

Is it relatively easy to reproduce the problem? Does it only happen on certain screens?


Yes, it is incredibly easy to reproduce. Essentially every 4-5 clicks of a direction and it goes crazy. It happens in many incl:

  • Kodi UI - scroll of movies/tv content lists
  • fast forward/rewind whilst watching content (after one or two clicks then jumps to Subtitle offset)
  • Kodi settings menus

I’m using default skin btw.
I’ll try an older version this week. Am I correct that I can:

  1. backup kodi database by backing up /home/osmc/.kodi (per
  2. reinstall gz file downloaded from Download - OSMC by putting on SD card via Reinstalling OSMC - Vero 4K - OSMC
  3. if required, at some later stage can restore Kodi database by wiping current /home/osmc/.kodi and replacing with backup taken in #1

Your database won’t restore to an older version of Kodi, but if the issue is so easy to reproduce, you might want to just take your backup, test the old version and if no joy, update again and restore the new backup.


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