Keyboard goes "back" without input


Firstly, thanks for providing a great product in OSMC. I have inherited an unused RPi from a friend and installed OSMC on it with mostly no issues.

One issue I have had, however, relates to a combined air mouse/keyboard, the type that works over RF with a USB dongle (this one). It seems to randomly invoke a “back” action, e.g. if I am watching full screen video, after a 10-30 seconds Kodi will return to the video menu screen that launched it (the video will remain playing in the background), or if I am on a menu screen, the system will go “back” a screen to a higher level menu without any input from me.

I have used the system with a full-size wireless keyboard and mouse with no problems. Unfortunately I have only used OSMC for a week so cannot say whether this issue occurs on previous versions. I tried to update OSMC to the latest version using the GUI, it says there are no updates available.

The problem occurs with video files played via local USB drives and with files accessed over SMB, though like I say it also occurs in the menu system so I don’t think the problem is related to the files being played.

I’m a bit of a Linux and Kodi rookie so am no good at reading log files, hopefully someone here can help me interpret what is going on. I have uploaded a log here, I would draw your attention to 2 particular instances that the problem occurred:

  1. Approx timestamp 10:33:15 - I pressed key “t” when the video was playing to turn subtitles off… shortly after the video left fullscreen with no input from me. Shortly after that I pressed “x” to stop the video playing.
  2. Approx timestamp 10:36:53 - I accessed the USB driver at /media/CRUZER 8 GB and then shortly after that the system went back to a higher level menu with no input from me.

The log was started at a restart so hopefully should include the required system information. Like I say, the problem only occurs when I have the air mouse/keyboard plugged in, I have no issues when using a different keyboard and mouse.

The problem occurred at other times in this log file while I was playing around, I didn’t note those times though. I also changed the skin at some time between instances (1) and (2) above, at one stage I thought the skin was involved in the problem (I changed from OSMC to Confluence).

Any help would be appreciated!