Keyboard layout changed after update

Hi all,

Problem with my raspberry pi 3:

I have a problem: my keyboard layout changed somewhere after the october update. I am using a Rii i8 mini wireless keyboard and somehow some characters are located in a wrong place.

Instead of the letter “m” I see a semi-colon “;”, the letter m has moved all the way to the right where the forward slash “/” should be.

I’ve done some searching on this forum, tried the first solutions that were offered, including:

  • reconfiguring the locale
  • installing console-data and console-update and reconfiguring the console keyboard
  • I’ve checked the settings of kodi and reset them (chose a different country, then back to my own country).

Still no luck, alas.

Anyone have an idea on how to approach this further?

Thanks in advance,

I also have the same issue with the exact same symptoms. Started after updating to OSMC Krypton-beta3 I believe.

It is still there in the Kodi Krypton Beta 7 from here:

I couldn’t find anything helpful anywhere, so I created a new keymap file for the Rii Mini i8 keyboard.

You can download it here:

  1. Copy rii.kmap.gz to /usr/share/keymaps/i386/qwerty/

  2. Test using “loadkeys”:
    root@osmc:/home/osmc# loadkeys rii
    Loading /usr/share/keymaps/i386/qwerty/rii.kmap.gz
    The change is effective immediately in OSMC; no reboot needed

  3. Add loadkeys rii to /etc/rc.local file one line above “exit 0” and set 755 (execution allowed) on that file:
    loadkeys rii
    exit 0

I haven’t mapped the special keys like volume up, volume down, mail, mute, etc. Don’t know if they work.
Tested on OSMC Krypton RC4

I found a solution: my keyboard was broken, so I bought a new one. That fixed it. No idea how this can be helpful, but maybe an approach would be to reinstall a driver or something.