Keyboard Not Detected After and update

After installing the mcobit/retropie-osmc using the script and completing the binary updates from within the chroot environment of Retropie (Emulation Station) my keyboard is no longer working in kodi or retro pie. However, the keyboard is indeed connected as confirmed when going to a shell by exiting kodi using a remote control.

I could remove Retropie with the script and see if things return to normal, but I wanted to know if there was something to try first.


Here is the result of grab-logs -A:

Did you restart the pi already?
Also: Nobody said update Binaries with the script was safe. I suggested to try it but to make a backup of the sdcard first.
The binary update will, as it is right now, overwrite your current kernel. That’s why your keyboard is not detected.

I would suggest to reimage the card with a new installation and if you want to have an up to date retropie, I’ll invite you to the testing of the newest version, that should’nt have these issues.

Uninstalling Retrosmc won’t help you. But you can revert to the osmc kernel by using:
sudo apt-get install --reinstall rbp2-kernel-osmc

Thanks for responding. The keyboard does work outside of X. In any case, the sudo apt-get install --reinstall rbp2-kernel-osmc did not activate the keyboard in kodi.

I’m going to attempt to backup my kodi settings, and then do a fresh install of OSMC…then I’ll track down your new script.


Reinstalling the kernel-osmc package will not do anything because it is only a meta package that pulls in the kernel image as a dependency. To actually reinstall the kernel you are currently using you should do:

sudo apt-get install rbp2-image-$(uname -r)-osmc --reinstall

For a Pi 1 or Vero change the rbp2 to rbp1 or vero.

Thanks DBMandrake for taking the time to reply. I ended up doing a fresh install, so I can’t confirm your tip.

True. But uname -r would not work if the running kernel is a raspbian kernel. Would need to manually specify a version there.