Keymap being ignored

I am having trouble getting my custom keymap to register when using my PS3 Sixaxis controller.
I have everything set up and working exactly as expected on a version of OSMC 2017.12-1, however when trying to set up on the current version the keymap doesn’t seem to function.
It is a clean install where all I have done is set up my sixaxis to work over bluetooth following the first half of the guide I found here.

The controller is functioning, however my button presses function according to the default keymap and not mine.

My log file can be seen here.
From what I can see the keymap (titled sixaxis.xml) is being loaded correctly, and the only thing that seems amiss is when a button is pressed the attached feature is triggered twice, being ignored once and handled the second time. This does not happen in the 2017.12-1 install, but I have no clue where else to proceed with this.

What else may I be doing wrong?

There is no “sixaxis.xml” keymap being loaded according to that log. I only see the default keymaps being loaded. Where exactly did you put the file?

It would probably be good to try this in the GUI the way the current Kodi wiki recommends instead of going by a two year old post.

Apologies, should have checked that log more thoroughly, not sure what went wrong. Here is a log that shows the keymap being loaded on lines 673 & 674. It is in the userdata/keymaps folder.

I have followed the proecess in the wiki, the method in the post was to get the controller to communicate over bluetooth. I should have been clearer.

So is this controller now working the way you expected it to?

No, this is the scenario I described earlier, where the controller is functioning, but is acting according to the default keymap and not my own.

Sorry to hear that. I don’t have any suitable hardware that would allow me to play with this myself and i’m not sure how much of my knowledge of keymaps in general translate over to game controllers (I have never used one in Kodi myself). Looking through the wiki it would seem that it is required that your keymap is named joystick.xml so you might try renaming your file.

If that doesn’t take care of your issue then I would recommend you ask over at the Kodi forum as they have a much broader user base over there.

I have just tried renaming the file, but no luck.

Thank you for taking the time to try and help regardless, I will try the Kodi forum as you suggest.

I should have mentioned that you would have to reboot in order for the renamed keymap to take.

Yeah, I was aware of that. Thank you for checking.

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