Keystone setting

I use osmc on a raspberry pi 3. Many times I use it with a projector (Epson emp 83). This projector has vertical keystone adjustment, but not horizontal. Sometimes in some room I need that adjustment. I would like to know if there is any way or someone can do a plug-in. I have seen that this option would like more people, but I have not found anything.
Thanks in advance

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Hey there, sadly, i don’t there is a plugin and honestly i wish there was but i don’t think a plugin could handle your projector unless it can turn on and off and control the volume and buttons and such. One thing you could try if its on your projector is epson quick corner where you can adjust each corner of your screen, another one is using kodi’s video calibration option which has helped me alot on old tv’s and such.

Btw, sorry the developers have not replied to your post, mines still pending and hope you find a solution soon.

Thanks for answering. The model I have does not have the quick corner option or horizontal Keystone adjustment, only vertical.
Likewise, at this time and with the rise of streaming services, I have replaced the osmc system on the raspberry with a chromecast.

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Niceeee!!! Chromecast is the best choice for me and i use a google chromcast for osmc on the old skin. Hope it works well for you and glad you found a solution for that.