Kodi 14.2 final missed

HI, is it possible to get kodi 14.2 final? How to install it on OSMC RC1? Thank you

The version of Kodi already shipped in OSMC (if you have run updates recently) is almost exactly the same as 14.2 even though it says 14.1. (It is only slightly before the version was bumped)

The Raspberry Pi releases of Kodi do not exactly track the release schedule of the standalone versions of Kodi for PC/Mac - effectively Pi builds are all custom builds as the Kodi team themselves do not release Raspberry Pi builds, it is left up to the distributions such as OSMC to create their own build.

I don’t think it is completely upgraded. Almost one fix isn’t included and it is “Fix: Scanning of newly added episodes” that is what I needed.
P.S. In openelec it is present

This will come out soon


@sam_nazarko RC2 with KODI 14.2 ?

Of course, when it is ready.

why has not yet been integrated kodi 14.2 ?

osmc is now with kodi 14.2
thanks sam