Kodi 16.0 - No audio visualization available

Yes, the addons load at boot time, so you won’t see them unless you reboot. Sorry, should have mentioned it, but I’m working this out as I go along myself! Your command line looks correct from here. Both the usr/lib/kodi/addons and /usr/share/kodi/addons folders should both now contain two further folders “visualization.glspectrum” and “visualization.waveform” (though I admit I seem to have copied a third folder - visualization.vortex in one of them - ignore that).

However the contents of each of these folders are not identical. The …share/kodi/addons ones contain an xml file and a png. While the …lib/kodi/addons ones contain just .vis files.

EDIT: you sorted it as I was writing this! Excellent.

I am curious though, are the missing visualisations a bug in relation to the addition of “popcornmix’s ShaderToy visualisation” repo?

Personally I can’t find anything in relation to this repo on my osmc - Do these visualisations work with the pi?

Yes. The visualizations work with OSMC on the Pi (OpenGL Spectrum is currently displayed on my system). Recent changes to Kodi are to blame and those changes in turn got passed on to OSMC. Relation to ShaderToy is unknown to me…

@lorisarvendu, Thank you for the files!

I just wanted to drop a quick 'thank you" for those files. I came here tonight with this same question… Every time I let software “update” something else breaks.

Thanks again.

No problem everyone. I will leave the zip file at that URL for the foreseeable future so it should always be accessible from this thread. Does anyone know why the visualizations were removed from kodi? Was it accidental, deliberate, or perhaps a copyright issue?

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So… it seems, as usual, I was a little premature in that thanks! It’s true that I now have the visualizations under the Settings, but if either is selected when I try to play music, the system gives me the little frowny-face guy and reboots…

Did you copy the correct files to the correct locations?

  1. Folder usr/lib/kodi/addons/visualization.glspectrum/ should contain just 1 file “opengl_spectrum.vis”
    Folder usr/lib/kodi/addons/visualization.waveform/ should contain just 1 file “Waveform.vis”

  2. Folder usr/share/kodi/addons/visualization.glspectrum/ should contain 2 files (icon.png and addon.xml) and a folder “resources” (which contains a further folder “language” and 1 file “settings.xml”.

Folder usr/share/kodi/addons/visualization.waveform/ should contain just 2 files - addon.xml and icon.png

Check the folders have the correct files in. It’s easy to copy the vis files to both folders and then I guess it may not work. I have two PIs running OSMC and the glspectrum visualization works fine when music plays.

I triple-checked just to be sure and yeah… the correct files are in the correct folders…

And just to be sure that the files didn’t download incorrectly, I re-downloaded the .zip file and transferred them over again.

Sorry rebeltaz, I can’t think of any other answers to this. The last possibility is did you copy the files or move them? I suppose it’s possible that if you moved them, the incorrect file permissions were transferred over, whereas if you copy them, the copied files take the default permissions of the folders they’re in.

That’s all I can think of I’m afraid. You’ve done the same as I, and mine works while yours doesn’t. Maybe someone else can help here.

Now, you may have something there. I think I did MV the files instead of CP them. I’ll try that tonight and see what happens. Thank you!

Doesn’t seem like the April 3rd update has fixed this…

I would think that since the files no longer exist in Kodi, and the major update that removed them may have involved a complete Kodi delete and reinstall, then an OSMC update wouldn’t fix it, since the Kodi install is not essentially broken. The only way is to manually put them back yourself. In a similar way when newer versions of Windows omitted certain PowerToys and we all had to copy them back ourselves if we wanted to used them.

EDIT: Check out this thread (in particular post #5).


And here:

it would appear they were copied to the wrong folder - x86_x64. Since this folder doesn’t exist in the arm installation, maybe that is why they are totally missing in OSMC

I never did get the original visualizations to run, but I see that @popcornmix has added a visualization to the addons repository that can be added called shadertoy. That one works perfectly!

Which add-ons were in Isengard that aren’t in Jarvis?

If I recall, most screensavers were incompatible at the time, so I ripped them from the build. If I can work out which ones are compatible with GLES (which ones does OE have on Pi?), then I can re-add them for you.

glspectrum and waveform?


I also thought I was replying in a screensavers thread. Are any of those missing? If so, which?

Hi Sam,
it’s possible to re-add the glspectrum and waveform visualizations in the latest OSMC build?
I really appreciate those visualization add-ons :slight_smile:

They used to work with the copy procedure explained in this thread, but the proc isn’t working anymore (OSMC packed with Kodi Kripton).

Thank you :grinning:


I too would like these added if possible.

Copy the files over as per the procedure. It will work, but the plugins are not enabled.

Do this next:

Then go into your Addon Browser, select “All” and browse down till you find the GLspectrum and Waveform visualisations, and enable them. This worked for me.

Sorry to be so vague, but I’m at work. When I get home I may dummy up a guide (with screenshots).