Kodi 16.1 freezes after 2-3 hours of HD TV playback


the soccer EU championship did turn out an issue with HD playback over a long time period :slight_smile:

I’m running OSMC on a Raspi 2. The 95% main purpose is to give the TV a frontend to my TVHeadend server. We’re watching TV, recorded TV shows etc. That works normally absolutely perfect without any issue. The CPU is more or less boring here.

But running an HD TV stream for something more than 2-3 hours Kodi just freezes. The picture freezes and it’s not reacting anymore to any remote.

The box itself is resonsive, I can SSH in and issue a reboot command etc.

Did someone see a similar effect? On the Apple TV 4 (MrMc app) that runs for hours without any issues.

Check your proc temperature. Likely too hot in rp3 and hd stream.

Hi Pila,

it’s a RPi2 and the temp is quite relaxed. It seems to be gone with the last update 2 weeks ago :smirk:

I just yesterday tried OSMC and my RP3 are completely and constanly burning up (80C+). As soon as I return them to OpenElec, all is well.