Kodi 17.2 update broke NextPVR add-on, when fixed?


As you all might know the NextPVR add-on was broken with Kodi 17.2 and since (I think may/june update of OSMC) this have therefore also broken the add-on on all my boxes (RPi 1,2,3, Vero, Vero4K - all running osmc). As LiveTV is my main area of use I’m interested to know when/how this can be fixed? I ran the July update but it still doesn’t work even though I thought it would as 17.3 was going to fix it. Read more here:

Thanks and BR.

Latest Kodi version on OSMC is 17.3. Have you updated your OSMC lately?


Yes I’m running the latest build with Kodi 17.3! What I can see in other forums the 17.3 release fixed this issue in general Kodi but doesn’t seem to have helped with OSMC, that’s why I wrote this question :slight_smile:

I’m not using PVR so maybe someone who’s more informed will answer soon.

Yes :slight_smile: Thank you!

Or at least if someone can tell me how to downgrade all my boxes to March version? But I guess downgrading is still not supported :frowning:

FWIW, I just tried NextPVR from OSMC on Pi and from Kodi 17.3 on Win10 and got the same error. (NextPVR running on a different Win10 box.)

But it seems it was working in June

You seem to have plenty of linux boxes. Why not ‘upgrade’ to tvheadend instead?

Well I could change PVR but this is just a bug, NextPVR should be working as well!

Nobody have any idea?

It’s difficult to be an expert in every add-on out there. Is your NextPVR working from a Kodi on Windows, because I could not get that to work, either.

I’m not trying to force TVH on you, but it is officially supported by OSMC (the version in the AppStore) so there are more ppl here who know something about it.

Edit: I’ve now got it working on both Windows and OSMC. (Forgot to turn on the server :confused:) But I noticed the client add-on seemed to forget the server IP. If that’s not the issue, post logs.

Ok Thank you! I’ll do another check. I’m on vacation right now and will be back in 2 weeks!

I’m now back home again and have tested your suggestion and you seem to be right. When I got home i all worked again so I tried to just shut down my NextPVR server and restart OSMC. This made it crash and gave me the same error message that the “add-on can’t be started”. However, this has to be a new issue as for the past 3-4 years the error message has always been that “can’t connect to you’re PVR client - not that it can’t start at all”.

Anyways, thanks for the support and I hope this might help someone else in the future.


If TVH server is down, I get “Server is unreachable”. If NextPVR is down I get “Add-on couldn’t be loaded”. This suggests the NextPVR client isn’t sending a very useful message to Kodi or Kodi doesn’t understand it. Not unique to OSMC.

Glad you got it sorted.