Kodi 17.5 -> 17.6

Hi Sam
I’ve update one of my box to KODI 17.6 with
Testing Debian Stretch
Its work’s… I updated the 17/11/2017 and now I’ve two Kodi Versions in my network and that I don’t like.
Day for day i’m waiting for the “update”, but the answer is something like “maybe tomorrow”.
I’use OSMC since some years, and I think today it’s the best KODI Linux Box, and for that thank’s to you and the team.
But I think also that we (your) customers) “merite” clear words from you, what’s happen. Why you don’t switch to stretch,etc.

We did not switch to Stretch yet, because of a bug with updates and the App Store. We expect to have this bug resolved shortly. Then we will release it once the new versions are built and mirrors are synced.

We did make this quite clear in other threads on the forum.

After the update is released, it may be a good idea for you to stay on the stable releases if you want to keep versions the same across all devices. OSMC’s Stretch release wasn’t stable or ready in November for prime time; which is why it was released only as a test version then to get more feedback.

If anything else is unclear, let me know.

I’m on stable release on my Kodi 17.6 box, and I’ve not switch my prod box to streatch.
Also now since november i works with two Kodi version in my (home) network.
And I read some posts, when the title is interesting for me.

Please try Customer informations like this (or a bugtracker)

date / problem/ description / your comments etc…

Easy for everybody,

Except us, unfortunately. There’s a public tracker in the form of a GitHub issues page; but I’m not sure many people read it. Then there is JIRA for internal issue tracking; but it’s not possible for us to make that available to the public unfortunately.

As I tried to explain to you in PM, the issue was only discovered a couple of days ago. It should now be resolved and we should be able to progress further with the release. We stated that the update was tentatively scheduled for 7th January; so it’s only going to arrive a couple of days late.

There was more information about this on: A Happy New Year from OSMC - OSMC

I think you should stay on the stable versions of OSMC in the future.

There is no stable version of 17.6 yet, so I’m not sure what you mean by that. As explained however, there’s no difference between 17.5 and 17.6 (it’s just a numbering issue), and there are certainly no database changes between these versions, so you shouldn’t experience any problems.


I take a look everyday on github/xbmc/… very interesting
and sometimes in the week to github/osmc interesting for the commits but the rest …

There is no stable version of 17.6 yet,

KODI 17.6 is the latest stable KODI release. And It’s the box which i updated to “stretch devel” and after updated like you tell inyour post i delete the line “devel” in sources… Also no more OSMc changes like the 7/11/
You are right no DB changes 17.5 -> 17.6 but a lot of commits with programm changes sometime importants, like 17.4 -> 17.5 see my post “buffers issues”.
For me OSMC is a Linux based KODI

I think there’s some confusion here.
When there is a new version of Kodi, we wait until it is stable on OSMC. We’re not concerned about its stability on other platforms like Windows.

That doesn’t make the box magically stable as you already updated to the experimental Stretch repository. The testing for Debian Stretch made available in November was for testing purposes, not a stable release. I hope we made that clear.

We released Kodi 17.5 in October. We also backported all applicable fixes in 17.6 to 17.5. As such, there aren’t any real changes in Kodi 17.6, aside from a build with a newer version number.

I hope that this is clear. There have of course been OSMC changes in this timeframe, and they will be in the Stretch update. However as explained, we’re not going to release anything that’s problematic, particularly when we are aware of issues.

As they have now been resolved, we can proceed with the update.


No comment, I close the thread

You will see the Stretch update in the next 24 hours. Thanks for your patience.