Kodi 17 (Codename Krypton) test builds for OSMC

Kodi Krypton development is well underway, and the final release is expected shortly. We've been working hard preparing OSMC and rebasing our improvements on top of Kodi Krypton.

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Very nice work OSMC team! I just installed the test build. From my understanding the new OSMC skin is not out yet but is on the way? I was greeted with the familiar default Estuary skin of Krypton like on my Linux pc though. I take it installing Osmc Krypton fresh when it is in it’s stable form will still have the usual set up prompts and let you choose the Estuary or Osmc skin?

The blog post covers this :slight_smile:

Gotcha, I understand it’s still in development Sam. I was also just now wondering if the “My Osmc” menu will have those side tiles like the previous version. Well I look forward to testing out the new Osmc skin when it’s made available to me.

The My OSMC menu should still be working as expected. Let me know if there are issues in the testing thread with a debug log.



Last time I tried it, I saw so no way to mount my ftp (for direct playback) in Kodi 17, did they remove this feature?

I haven’t tested it since I don’t have n ftp server configured, but in the new Kodi Krypton default Estuary skin, it seems you can still configure ftp by going to:

File manager->add source->browse->add network location->protocol

In that menu set the protocol to ftp and configure the settings for your server.

Hi all.

I’m having problems with Kodi settings.

Whatever changes I made to de settings (regional, etc) are lost after a shutdown/reboot.

This is not an isolated problems because I’ve seen several posts with this issue, but no solution found.

Please, tel me how can I debug it to help in the solving.

Si prefieres hablar en castellano, me defiendo mejor ggg

Thanks / Gracias

If you change the file by hand (not from within Kodi) then you first need to sudo systemctl stop mediacenter

I would prefer to modify it within Kodi as usual…

I’ve seen that, after modifying the settings, in power menu click on Quit… and settings remain… and after that rebooting seems to keep the config.

I think it shouldn’t behave like that… it should inmediately store the settings.

I will test it and confirm if settings are stored.

This is how Kodi functions.

So are you saying that you frequently turn off the device by cutting power to the unit while it’s still running?

Don’t misunsderstand me…

On power menu there are several options:

Exit (I named it Quit… because I use spanish translations)
Power off system
Custom shutdown timer

The only way in my case to store the settings after play with them is clicking on “Exit”.

If I click on “Power off system” or “Reboot” settings are lost.

Once stored clicking on “Exit”, I can poweroff or Reboot keeping the config.


IMHO, once I change some setting, it should be stored on settings file. If not on just that moment, once I exit settings dialog. Is not much to ask for.

In not sure you understand this part. This behavior is simply how Kodi is designed to run. OSMC cannot change this. While Kodi runs, the guisettings.xml file is open. While changes to Kodi settings are made within the GUI, these changes are made to the open file. But the file is not closed and permanently written these changes until Kodi is gracefully shutdown.
If Kodi is having a problem with graceful shutdowns and only saves changes when using the exit function, then this indicates a problem with your installation. We’ll need to see a complete set of debug enabled logs that demonstrate the issue in order to continue here. You should do so in a new and appropriately titled thread so we don’t continue in this release announcement thread.