KODI 17 font size

Using the default, Estuary skin

While the font size is fine for a PC, when you put KODI 17 on a Raspberry Pi and look at it from across the room, the font size is not adequate. I’ve been unable to find a setting such as the old, “Use Larger Font” option.

However, logging into KODI in terminal mode…

user id: osmc
passwd: osmc

then changing directories to:

You’ll find there’s a backup_Fonts.xml file that can be edited. You need superuser status to edit it, and nano is built in, so:

sudo nano backup.Fonts.xml

I changed all the default size values by upping them by 10, so that a 23 became a 33, etc. and I left everything 36 or larger alone.

Now I can read the screen better from across the room.

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