Kodi 17 <memorysize>

The wiki requirement for is “Kodi will require 3x the amount of RAM to be free”.
Ii it still valid for kodi 17? Or it has changed and maps 1:1 now?

It’s still the same buffer implementation, although as discussed before; it’s not always the rule that 3x memory is used. We already have good defaults for this option; so I wouldn’t recommend changing it unless you have a specific need.


This was discussed a while ago in this thread: Bandwidth and buffering issues on some scenes - #30 by f0o

After examining the code, the feeling was that the 3x requirement no longer exists and the wiki needs to be updated.

That seems to be correct. I’ve talked to some of the devs on freenode but the original author of the buffer-ring isn’t around and those who where couldn’t reflect the idea and implications of the ring values.

Doing some stack-trace and dissecting the buffer-ring code indicates that there is no tripple buffering anymore. However it’s unclear if buffer-ring is initialized multiple times throughout the codebase.

ok, thanks for responses, I must overlook the other thread.

I definitely observe barely being on the edge with buffering with default values.
Giving 1/3 of the available RAM I immediately see the improvement.

I also noticed 1/3 of ram gives ~1/3 of memory usage, no more. Giving 3 times more does not give 3 times more in usage. And so my question.

Anyway not a problem, just curious.

I believe that was also our findings.
We want to take advantage of the additional memory on the Vero 4K for high bitrate scenes; so we’re looking in to some possible improvements