Kodi 17 music playback via library with interruptions [Solved]

Hi all,

wonder if I am the only one having this issue.
Since upgrading to kodi 17.x/ latest osmc, I have micro playback stutter on all my raspberry PI devices connected through WiFi. And I have no idea where it comes from.

The setup is pretty Simple:

  • Movies/Music files + MySQL DB on a NAS - E3-1220L V2 @ 2.30GHz, 16GB Ram, 4x4TB Raid 5 Array providing 330MBytes sustained read speed, 2x1GBps Bonded interfaces providing 2 1Gbps links - and effective speed of the NAS is around 940Mbps per interface.
  • The AP in my house is a RouterBOARD 962UiGS-5HacT2HnT which has 5Ghz and 2.4Ghz (We have quite some tables at home, and I had suspected the bandwidth being too low when my girls all watch their “stupid” youtube streams :} Note that both WiFi networks provide me around 300Mbps transfer speeds when connected with my Pixel C tablet on the same floor, 120Mbps when on floor down.
    The CPU of the AP is barely at 1% utilization during non benchmark operations. The AP itself is connected through a real 1Gbps Cat6 cable (I cable all my house with Cat6).

So - when I upgraded to Kodi 17.x, that is when it started.
The DB Got updated again, and I interrupted the upgrade on my Vero 2 device (Connected through ethernet) just to find out it has to scan all the Music library again. Which I did. Check the query here.
Note that all my devices are using the same MySQL library, the Vero 2 has a dedicated account, as this is the maste device (Updating the DB etc - connected by Cat6 and has the fastest CPU and most RAM).

What I noticed is that when I left the Video configuration in my “audio” devices (Raspberry PI’s are only used for Music playback), the audio got interrupted sometimes up to 5 seconds.
Activating the logs I saw that some queries went out to the DB Server during these gaps. Checking the MySQL queries, I noticed it was mostly about movies being tagged. I then decided to remove the video DB configuration from these PI’s.
This reduce drastically the interruptions in the music playback, but I am still not able to play-back the musinc without interruptions.

I lookuped up all PI configurations and thought it has to do with Multithreaded capabilities of the Kodi 17, but was wrong.
I replaced one of my PI B+ with a PI 3, just to confirm this. Didn’t work. Even though the PI3 is way faster than the PI B+, the micro interruptions still happen (1/2 to 1 seconds - much shorter than on the regular PI’s)

I have adapted all buffers settings etc. according to various sites advice. Still, not working.
See details of the advancedsettings here

I just don’t know what to do anymore. My problem is that I am a Music purist, and even when playing back through the low quality Raspberry PI ports, I still like it when there are no interruptions in the playback.

The logs don’t return anything, except the tagging of medias.
Could I disable the media taggind allttogether on the audio only Raspberry PIs?

Any hints on what to do next?

Try plugging the Ethernet cable in to a 100Mbps swirch if you can.

PAPlayer is very real time so slight disruptions can cause drop outs. I suspect if you play the audio with VideoPlayer temporarily you will not experience issues.

Hi Sam,

thanks for the hint.
I had configured dvdplayer, but it did not change the interruptions. They are still there. Not as long, but still exist.
I have the impression that over time it gets less, so I rather think it has something to do with filling all the gaps in the database. Also, the last osmc-network update reduced the interruption duration too BTW. So thx for that :wink:

IMHO, something is eating up lots of CPU power IMHO, to practially halt playback for a short-while, then releases the CPU to continue on working on the previous task. That’s the reason I had put in the PI3 to confirm/verify that part (which failed).

The Audio-player devices (Raspberry PI’s) are all at locations where there is no cable (the cables are for the Computers, and in the Living room for the Media-Center device so we can playback real HD content on the screen).
So all raspberry-PI’s are connected over 2.4Ghz WiFi.

Regarding the drop-outs - it is not drop outs actually, it is interruptions. The Music continues where it needs to continue after the stop. Nothing missing.

Enabling the video cache (also applies to music):

may help. Make sure you use the format from the “Kodi v17 changes” box.

Your advancedsettings.xml needs to be updated to Krypton tags, see the link Popcornmix provided

You are absolutely right. I completely missed that one. Changing it… Will let you know if it is fixed :}

That was it… Really have to change the tags in the advancedsettings file to Krypton aga kodi 17. Then it works as smooth as before :slight_smile:

Thx again @Dilligaf & @popcornmix