Kodi 18.0 RC1 has been released. When can we expect OSMC to be updated?

Kodi 18.0 RC1 had just been released. When can we expect an OSMC update based on Kodi 18.0?

When there is a stable release; we will make some test builds available.
For now, nightly builds are available in the forums.

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Roger, thanks!

If I may add - I’ve been running Kodi 18 for a few weeks and I’ve had no major issues - I think I only had to replace 1 package with a newer version than the available through the Kodi repositories.

Understood. We have a very large userbase however; so we always make sure we get things right. A few days won’t make much of a difference to the typical OSMC user.

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personally i like mine osmc stable. no reason to jump on beta and rc1 candidates just relax and wait to stable realise out :=)

Same here I prefer the Kodi to be out RC status and is in RTM status in OSMC for highest stability for playback and performance.

Maybe I’m wrong, but I have the feeling that the final Kodi 18 will be released on christmas day.

If this would happen, is it too bold to think that the january update of OSMC, that will be probably released in early february, will be the first version to implement Kodi 18 ?
Do you think there is enough chances of it happening ?

We will not speculate on hypotheticals.