Kodi 18.5 and advanced settings

Hi there,
Reading kodi doc, we can see that some tags changed in advancedsettings.xml file, with kodi 17.
On my vero 4K+, kodi 18.5, my ~/.kodi/userdata/advancedsettings.xml shows old tags, like <network>, <cachemembuffersize>, …
Works fine with old and new tags. I do not know if there is an interest to report this and if I can expect issues with the new settings.

There is a system provided advancedsettings which is kept up to date

Thanks for the prompt answer.
I checked the one in /usr/share/kodi/system/advancedsettings.xml which uses the new tags. Maybe the default one in ~/.kodi/userdata could be upgraded with updated tags, to avoid that user makes changes with old tags, that probably would not be taken into accounts.
Just an advice.

The one in ~/.kodi/userdata must have been added by you, as we don’t supply one here. We won’t make any changes to this version; only the system version which we provide. We’re not keen on overwriting a user’s settings without their knowledge or consent; even if they’re not quite correct.



Dear Sam,
Many thanks for the reply. If set by OSMC and definitevely not set by me (I did not know about that file before to edit it), maybe it has been added by an add-on…

Should the /userdata version of advancedsettings.xml be a full copy of the core version with additional settings as needed (e.g. for mysql) or is the /userdata version an incremental group of settings processed after the core version?

This is how it behaves, yes.

It inherits from system, so it doesn’t need to be a full copy.