Kodi 18 and netflix

Hi all,

i have installed Kodi 18 and the Netflix Addon and it worked for quite some time. Since the last update Netflix is loading but it will not play any content.

In the log file i have seen that it is complaining about the libwidevinecdm.so within $HOME/.kodi/cdm and i have read several posts here where it is stated to get this via the chromium or google.chrome package. I downloaded both and copied it over to $HOME/.kodi/cdm but without any luck.

Still it is complaining about the .so file.

Any idea how i can solve this?

Many thanks.

JFYI: Since Kodi 18 Leia, I moved your topic to the Development and Testing category.

Allow to update your Add-ons, then you will get Inputstreamhelper. It will download the necessary libwidevine.so.

The libraries have updated and you need new ones.


What do you mean with update your Add-ons. All my Add-ons are set to automatically update, and i have checked and they are on the latest version. Which Add-ons do you reference to?

@Sam, which libraries?

Many thanks.

I guess this could help you

Hi all,

many thanks for your help. After removing Netflix and following the installation guide

it works again.