Kodi 18 problems receiving streams from Tablet via AllConnect

Not having much joy since my update from December’s Kodi 17 build, to May’s Kodi 18 release.

I’m now finding that streaming from my Android tablet using AllConnect only works for one song (maybe only part if one song - testing involves too many reboots)

After this AllConnect won’t try to play a track. The vero must be rebooted to get the one and only (no, not that song…) to work again.

Stumped and tired…
Any help gratefully received, ta.

Do you get an error?
If so, a log would be handy (sorry to sound like a broken record, pun intended)

No errors.
It wouldn’t be an issue, but the music is usually played from, you guessed it, a veracrypted drive!

I’ll look the convoluted veracrypt install process, and if there’s an update.