Kodi 19.1 - high temp & high CPU usage in idle (RB Pi 3B)

I have OSMC installed on Raspberry Pi 3B and it’s the latest version (Kodi 19.1)
Usually temps (I have metal case acting like a heatsink) were (before upgrade from Kodi 18) around 41C.
After upgrade to Kodi 19 temps are 47-48C.
On Idle (TV is off, Kodi is probably in one of shows folder showing list of episodes, nothing playing) it’s using 25% of cpu (one core) (kodi.bin process to be exact)

It’s almost minimal install of OSMC I have only:

  • few plugins (myepisodes, something for subtitles)
  • transmission (but nothing is being downloaded)

Is that normal ?

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40% cpu usage in idle on fresh installation of september-2022 version on my rpi3b…

It could be normal as Kodi tends to have some background jobs running, like getting info for actors and shows, downloading posters and periodical scanning library for new files(if configured so).