Kodi 19

KODI 19 was released in Febuary 2021 I couldnt find it for Raspberry 3 ?
So its not out yet ? Any Idea when the target release is ?

See Kodi v19 Matrix is here. Here's what you need to know - OSMC

After perusing the stereo instructions of the link to get 19 you must upgrade from 18 ? So no fresh install of KODI 19

There is no publicly available Kodi 19 build of OSMC as of today. It is being worked on and we hope to have a public beta soon. The stable release where the regular update system will offer to upgrade the current v18.9 to v19 is expected to happen only after Kodi 19.1 is released. It should also be noted that not everyone using a RPi will find Kodi 19 a desirable upgrade as some function will be lost.

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