Kodi 20 subtitle rendering

My Vero 4k+ updated yesterday to Kodi 20
As you might know Kodi 20 subtitle rendering was migrated to the harfbuzz library
What I’m experiencing is that the default subtitle font is no longer bold even tho i set it to bold ( like its on Kodi 19 default )
I’ve reset my subtitle settings to default - I reformatted the Vero to latest just in case - subtitles are still not looking ok and they are not bold
Tried different fonts but nothing looks good as the custom arial ( dejavu sans ) modification that Kodi 19 had
I’m deaf in one ear and subtitles are really hard to read with the new changes in 20 on the Vero - on my windows the look changed just slightly when updating to 20
I had to revert my Vero to 19.5 ( build 05.2023 ) in order to get the old subtitle fonts/look back

This guy has the same issue but under android Kodi 20: the default subtitle font is displayed as normal style, if I set the style as bold. · Issue #22513 · xbmc/xbmc · GitHub
I don’t know how osmc subtitle issue can be related to android tho it has nothing to do with android

Any ideas or suggestions are highly appreciated

Can you reproduce this on another Kodi platform, such as Windows?


No , on Windows the font changes are very subtle