Kodi 20

Thanks for the warning, i’m a developer too so i perfectly undertand the risks. I don’t mind do a full reinstall once in a while so it doesn’t bother me.

I will waiting for the test build when it is ready


Did the test builds go live yet?
God I hate that I can’t downgrade KODI on my Google boxes!

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Not yet – but they should very soon. There are a couple of things we are testing internally first.


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Any news ? :slight_smile:

When we have some test builds – we will make them available on the forums.

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Ok Sam,
fair enough :slight_smile:
I will wait diligently


Make it before weekend!!! haha

will kodi 20 come with 64-bit userland as well?

No, it won’t.

Couple of days delay as I managed to spill an entire drink over my laptop which about to publish a new build…

Well, as excuses go, that’s a pretty good one. I mean it’s not “the dog ate the code update…”



Everything is good to go fortunately. One more update to iron out some v19.5 fixes then some test builds here.

I have a laptop now with broken keyboard, trackpad and WiFi. It’s a Bank Holiday tomorrow so replacing is limited.

That was an expensive glass of Scotch…


After the don’t drink and drive, you get don’t drink and program :slight_smile:

FWIW Alcohol like Scotch is far easier to clean up than, milk coffee and coke.

Trust me on that :wink:

Good luck!

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I was thinking about it. While we wait for the v20. Would there be a way to force Kodi to use a DB even if not the right version? If we can force our v19 to use the newly migrated v20 db, that would solve our issue for now.

Pretty sure not much have changed in the mysql db.


No. But the testing for v20.1 is coming very soon.

I’ve found one last final issue – I’ll try and fix it by tomorrow otherwise I’ll release it with the issue included. It’s not a major problem, but in some circumstances after updating Kodi will upgrade and restart itself. Not a great look.

In the interim, make sure your system is fully up to date.



My OSMC on RasPi 4 updated to Kodi 20 today - it was irritating as I didn’t expect it. But on a first look it it seems to be working :wink:

I am running vero 4K as a backup system to a shield and do want to test the upgrade to Kodi V 20 , as it is a backup system, I can freely test this version and give feedback. Thanks!

It only did that because you manually switched that device to the test builds and confirmed for it to install an update. Although Kodi v20 is now in the public test repo an announcement hasn’t been made yet with instructions as there is still a known issue or two that is being worked on.

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